PEMF Application Basics

MF therapy has actions on bodily functions so it proves to be somewhat difficult to determine what benefits can be expected from a given treatment.

Magnetic field therapies has actions on the basic bodily functions so it proves to be somewhat difficult to determine what benefits can be expected from a given treatment program. Health problems are layered and after the starting of a treatment, we can see what layers are involved in the given health issues.

Levels of disease

Different injuries involve different tissues and degrees of involvement. The degree of involvement can be divided into layers or levels like: the Psychological level, the Energetic level, the Pathological level and the Pathophysiological level.

Most of the health problems involve Physiological and Energetic level at the least. Whenever there is tissue or cell damage, some pathological degree will always be involved there. In case of Pathology, there would be permanent damage to the tissue. So the goal would be to repair and regenerate the tissue surrounding the irreversibly damaged area as possible. The body has its own innate programs to repair and regenerate most of the tissues. PEMF surgeries can fasten the process of repair and regeneration and make it twice as fast.

To help us understand its working, we will provide common cold as an example. At the beginning of a cold, a person has a vague feeling of discomfort or disease, without any specific knowledge of what or where the problem is. This level is Energetic level. The Psychological level involves the stage in which the cold produces a sore throat, runny nose or a slight temperature. In this level the body reacts to the affront. If the infection reaches to a greater extent in the body, it can lead to other chronic diseases like rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.; the body would be in pathophysiologic level where most chronic problems are stuck. The pathologic level is reached when the infection is allowed to progress more and it may lead to more significant cellular damage possibly causing tissue and organ failure. The recovery is much more challenging in this level.

Responses to treatment at each level

A problem that is in the dramatic level can be treated in a dramatic manner and can are likely to produce rapid responses, most probably in minutes. The physiologic level problems can be treated only over a longer period usually days to weeks. The Magnetic fields can have surprising effects on the diseases in the pathophysiologic level and produce dramatic results. The treatments have very unpredictable results at the pathologic level and the disease may take months to years to cure considerably, if ever. It is unlikely for magnetic fields to reverse true and complete organ death.

There are no available diagnostic tools that can help to determine the degree of involvement of each of these layers or levels. On the basis of the injury pattern in the involved tissue, one may guess which levels are implicated but to predict the percentages at each level does not seem possible.

It is much easier to predict the time that would be taken by these therapies to produce results, once one is able to identify the probable level of damage occurred to an organism. There is always a possibility for miracles which means better-than-expected-results. The treatment may be directed at some other specific issue but improvement may be seen first for any other issues. Since the human body is very much complicated and may have different set of problems, the treatment may cure one of the old problems before affecting the new problem. Despite of the direction of the magnetic fields, the superficial layers will probably respond to the treatments first and then the other deep layers may be affected by them. This is similar to peeling an onion, first the superficial level will be peeled and then the next layer and finally the deepest layer. This is the reason that may cause holistic treatment to take months to years to treat all the layers of the disease.

Cell Injury

The understanding of cell injury is one of the components of the concept of levels or layers. There are about 70 trillion cells in our body. There needs to a large number of cells that should be damaged for us to perceive a problem whether it is a pain, infection, rash etc. Even if there is a tiny problem in our toe, it would definitely involve millions of cells even before we can perceive it. Each cell has to go through a process of injury.

The fundamentals of cell injury involve the disruption of basic functions of a cell and it becomes more and more intense over time. Whenever a collection of cells have injury, then the problem progresses over time and becomes noticeable in a group of tissues or location of the body. All the cell injuries progress over the body from reversibility to irreversibility. PEMF therapy provides energy to the cells in the reversible stage, below the level in which we can recognize or perceive. PEMF therapy provides the cell with energy thus enabling it to recover from whatever imbalance in the reversible stage. This is the easiest level for resolution of problems, just like the energy levels as explained above. Once you own and use a system regularly, every problem in the reversible stage is handled without your awareness.

Once a cell injury moves on to be irreversible, there can be a whole lot of consequences such as arthritis, infection, dementia, pain, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Actually the treatment of the cell in the reversible stages is providing them with energy at the energetic level. We are typically unaware of the cells that are in the reversible levels. Aging is below our awareness until we are finally struck with a health problem. The reversible cells prove to be cumulative over time in millions of cells throughout the body. This is the reason why daily treatment, despite of our realization proves to be worthy for our future health status.

Setting a Timeline for healing

After understanding the idea of cell injury, we know that we should be treating ourselves regularly. But most of the time, people purchase the PEMF system only after they have had some serious health issues. Whenever that happens, the person should understand about layers and timelines and get some idea about the duration of the treatment procedure.

It proves to be significant to determine the level of damage to the body. After you determine the extent of the injury in terms of the layers, it would be easier for you to determine the time to achieve significant relief, cure or improvement. The most important thing here is the improvement no matter how much is the strength of the applied magnetic fields, or the frequency employed or how much time is the procedure done each day. Optimization of these variables shortens the process considerably.

All bodies work differently and they need to be understood on mental, physical and spiritual levels so as to improve the treatment procedure. If there is no sense of layers, then the patient as well as the therapist may experience frustration. Unfortunately, we will come to know about the layers involved only after the therapy starts. The therapy determines the easy as well as the stubborn layers.

The body has its own limits and wisdom and it will respond to the therapy in its own way despite of our expectations, fantasies or frustrations. It is mostly the body that determines the sequence of the layers to be cured. The order of healing synchronizes with the body’s system of curing a particular injury. You should have patience and accept the natural procedure of the body.


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