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What You Need to know about PEMF & EMS Therapy

PEMF Education

The cell to cell activities within our bodies are due to the exchange of the electromagnetic energies at the cellular level.
MF therapy has actions on bodily functions so it proves to be somewhat difficult to determine what benefits can be expected from a given treatment.
In order to get the best results from these PEMF therapies and to avoid getting any adverse implications out from it, it is advised to follow the guidelines
Magnetic therapy is a legitimate discipline under medical science and is slowly being recognized all over the globe. The human body is known to possess its own magnetic field.
The cells are subjected to very complex systems of magnetic fields since the embryo stage. We are quite dependent on the geomagnetic fields in a number of ways.
Our Body also undergoes an electric activity of its own, which is very complex in nature. Physics says, “Wherever there is an electric activity there is also associated magnetic field”

Health Benefits of PEMF

EMF (Dirty Electricity) Types

The strength of the microwave fields is the prime factor, in determining whether the exposure to the magnetic fields will cook the tissues within the body or not.