PEMF Treatment Principles

Before you start paddling into the Magnetic field therapy treatment, there are a few principles that you must learn which shall guide you

Before you start paddling into the Magnetic field therapy treatment, there are a few principles that you must learn which shall guide you throughout the methodology of the process and keep a track of progress in the treatment-

1st Principle: Magnetic field passes even through the body regardless of the bone thickness as if they didn’t exist.

2nd Principle: The design of the magnetic field generating coil determines the shape of the magnetic field lines. So it is really important to know the insights of the coil design and its implications as to place the applicator at which place and how?

3rd Principle: The magnetic field intensity or strength of magnetic field is inversely proportional to the distance from the device. The farther the weaker.

4th principle: Depending upon the level of the problem and its reach, the time extent for magnetic field therapy is decided. Magnetic fields with less intensity create lesser impact and hence shall be done for long term period.

5th Principle: The excessive long term use of Low strength fields or general use of High intensity fields may lead to “aggravations”.

6th Principle: The response of different individuals is different to the Magnetic field therapy and as every session is like a new session because of little impact from each session, so if there are at all any side-effects or any rejection signs from the body, alterations should be made in the MF variants like duration of therapy, frequency of the magnetic wave or the magnetic field intensity.

7th Principle: The most challenging part in the whole treatment is the acceptance of the static magnets to be used on their body, sometimes because of lack of awareness of their potential or in other cases because of impatient attitude.

8th Principle: Once exposed the PEMF leads to a ripple effect and hence the effect can last longer after the exposure. These are also referred to as “Harmonics”.

9th Principle: The frequency of the PEMF harmonics far more than those of the device used, which leads to some time lag for development of the harmonics and hence it is desired to keep at least 6-8 hours gap in between successive therapies.

10th Principle: Usage of a single frequency for more time can turn out to enhance the bodily tolerance for it which shall eventually bring down the treatment benefits either previous or new. Just like the essence of a rose which goes away once we get comfortable in that surroundings.

11th Principle: An attempt either to mix or to match any of the treatments with different frequencies shall lead to superposition which shall result either in cancelling of waves when of opposite nature and increment when additive in nature. In the combination field very little research has been done so far but generally a static magnet is a complimentary counterpart for PEMF.

12th Principle: The problem of depletion of tissues is quite cumbersome to deal with as a good nutrition is required in which case, supplements may prove to be an aid. As the magnetic field requires ions for its propagation, so Ca, Na and K ions need to be present in adequate amounts along with some other electrolytes.

13th Principle: Movement of ions is far more fast and easy than that of reconstructing a tissue.

14th Principle: Magnetic field also has implications over the cell membrane charge and the membrane channels (open ones), which helps in maintaining the balance and restoration of the cell function. Ultimately which shall lead to better functioning of the tissues.

15th Principle: Magnetic field therapy heals at the fundamental level itself and a large variety of these also improve the body circulatory system.

16th Principle: Various Biochemical processes like phosphorylation of myosin helps in generation of more amount of muscle energy.

17th Principle: Magnetic field also helps in protection of cells against any injuries if used prophylactically or if used after an injury.

18th Principle: The duration of the treatment course must be most intense in the initial phase likely on daily basis and then on the basis of improvement can be narrowed down later to weekly basis or monthly basis gradually. It seems quite hectic considering the time and money considerations and hence preferred for a home-based system where daily treatments can be deployed till resolved.

19th Principle: Magnetic field therapy often helps in reduction of stress, which is fruitful for every one and hence can be set up in home itself for daily based treatments.

20th Principle: The various magnetic field equipments provide varied results and must be selected on the basis of the problem which needs healing. And accordingly they behave different for different frequency ranges like UV, microwave, Infrared, low or extremely low, in the decreasing order so need proper guidance for usage.

21st Principle: The absence of FDA approval for any particular device doesn’t signify that the device is not safe to use or is less effective. FDA endorsement is just a certification that the device shall work in accordance with the marketing guidelines given by manufacturer as he has to comply upon agreement with FDA policies by availing sufficient evidence. As it requires great capital investment it is not affordable for smaller companies.

22nd Principle: Sensitivity from Magnetic field happens in only 1-5 % users and hence requires cautious usage with gradual increments for the intensity and duration for daily treatments, in case of low strength treatments.

23rd Principle: Sensation experienced may vary for each individual, which is purely dependent on the sensitivity of that individual to Magnetic Field.

24th Principle: These treatments are generally complimentary to other therapies and hence in rare cases one shall find the alone use of Magnetic Field therapies.

25th Principle: As the Magnetic field treatments comply upon the fundamental action to tissues they can be used for dealing with plenty of health issues.

26th Principle: These can be used for maintenance as well as a treatment for the various health issues.

27th Principle: Always remember that illness is always in course of layers and if due to some reason you don’t get results out of Magnetic field therapy, check for its proper usage rather than questioning that this actually works or not.


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