PEMF General Rules

In order to get the best results from these PEMF therapies and to avoid getting any adverse implications out from it, it is advised to follow the guidelines

In order to get the best results from these MF therapies and to avoid getting any adverse implications out from it, it is advised to follow the guidelines (not exactly absolute rules) stated here and it will probably help you get great treatment benefits.

  1. Place the applicators as close as you can to the body. But putting it directly on the skin or over a jacket or shirt creates no significant difference so later can be preferred for comfort. Magnetic field shall enter into the body through the fabrics and clothes.
  2. Benefits can occur over a range of frequencies or devices regardless of the fact that some studies reveal the otherwise. E.g.:
    • For inflammations like sinusitis, osteomyelitis, etc. which are induced microbially, 25 Hz frequency can be optimum.
    • Frequencies less than equal to 10 Hz are desired for sterile inflammations.
    • Frequencies greater than equal to 10 Hz are desired for any degenerate disease associated with the musculoskeletal system.
    • In any general inflammation sign 10Hz frequency maybe considered.
  3. Application of applicator on to the spine can be very useful as it is responsible for up and down sensation conductance. E.g. include lower extreme ends or any back problems (low).
  4. For problems associated with upper extreme ends, tennis elbow or even in case of frozen shoulder, it is advised to expose the cervical spine simultaneously.
  5. In case of use of MF therapy for vertebral or acute spinal pain syndromes, exposure of pain prompting points is highly recommended along with the others.
  6. Rather than prolonged exposures, multiple exposures shall be more beneficial. But this must be done considering the body reaction and hence maintaining an individual treatment schedule. Overall single exposures are considered the best if they are of less than 90 minutes or so with certain exceptional cases which include Legg-Perthes disease, various fractures & ascpetic necrosis along with others.
  7. For no impact situation up to 20 exposures of MF therapy, it indicates uncertainty in value, which accounts for either seeking other solution or the issue is too complex and deep rooted demanding much more time to heal. Likewise is the case of non-union fractured bone healing, which takes minimum 30 days to show the first signs of MF actually doing some progress.
  8. In nearly one third of rheumatoid arthritis patients and certain other cases like chronic pain along with or just inflammation, there can be signs of worsening for the first few sessions and because of this, the therapy must not be interrupted. For this firstly decline the number of times treatments are being taken followed by the magnetic field intensity if the former fails. Using anti-oxidants and increments in the consumption of fluids 2-3 days prior to therapy shall aid in reducing aggravations.
  9. Along with this other therapy proposals should still be used as a compliment to this therapy.
  10. MF therapy must be started as soon as there are signs of the problem. Magnetic fields generated can rapidly affect any functional disturbances, if present, or any major pathologic anatomic or mechanical changes.
  11. Adequate exposures must be provided in a repetitive manner and their overall treatment time requirement shall be guided by Clinical responses.
  12. Try to continue MF therapy at least for some sufficient amount in initial phase before you decide to drop it off.
  13. Advancement for time interval in between immediate exposures is always better when done gradually, once some sufficient initial sessions are done.
  14. Approach must always be individual, especially for cases with consistent pain.
  15. It is not recommended that the devices must be operated by pregnant females in routine, to ensure the personnel safety.


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