Biological Actions

The central idea around which the western clinical approach revolves is the modelling of specific disease.

The central idea around which the western clinical approach revolves is the modelling of specific disease. As each disease entails its own pathologic & physiologic ingredients, has different methods for testing: Microscopic, X-rays, Neurological, MRI, microbiology, chemistry, Immunology testing, etc. Pattern is seen from the assembly of such test results and later on their label diagnosis is being applied. Such labels always take up certain pathologic and pathologic & physiologic changes and this is used by scientists & doctors to refer to each other these frequently observed patterns vis-à-vis disease labels or diagnoses.

Despite an abnormal individual (Physiologic or Functional) has been diagnosed with such abnormalities that point out a certain disease, may also carry other abnormalities (physiologic or functional) which are beyond the domain of the currently diagnosed disease. So this labelling of disease is just a smaller approach and may not carry the overall functioning of the person. We can easily develop a specific treatment methodology by assembling the physiologic, pathologic or functional changes/impairments.

The decision making ideology for a specific treatment plan carried out by physicians is quite complex in nature. In ideal scenario, treatment should be such that it shall remove the cause or reasons underlying the problem in the first place. If not possible, they can be then oriented to the symptoms or signs observed. For this case, treatment is just Band-Aid.

Likewise, in fracturing of bone, pain & swelling shall follow. Here the treatment plan shall entail management of the fracture which demands constraint on movements along with taking good care of swelling with elevation & icing & also pain which can be achieved by meditation. Once fracture comes to a specific healing point, the stiffened joints & weakened muscles shall start rehabilitating. Complexity of fractures can be incremented by other surrounding tissues getting torn up, blood clotting in the lower area of legs because of consistent immobilization & infection starting in the traumatic area.

Conventional treatments for a fracture align with the myriad of pieces which is observed on the one hand. On the other hand, MF therapy can deal with almost all of these issues at the same time. Magnetic fields can easily help by decreasing pain & swelling & by accelerating healing process of bones. They are also helpful in case any secondary problems arise & can even prevent these as they can simulate tissues at the root-most level in a non-invasive manner. Dissimilar to other treatment therapies, PEMF accelerates and boosts the process of healing. Likewise, for a fracture case, PEMF shall not only accelerate healing process of fracture, but also the signs leading to simplicity of resolving in future.

Similar principles are true for various health conditions of the body, apart from fractures & acute injuries. Energy production is also incremented which aids in completion of the healing process, which wasn’t there in the conventional treatments.

We can develop an approach for the treatment of exact functional abnormalities just by getting into the insights of the fundamental physiologic effects of the magnetic fields. Once disease has been labelled its associated functional abnormalities are understood & sometimes assumed. These help in identifying the reach of the abnormalities so far. Apart from guiding the therapy, it also provides a crude measure of treatment to the physician.

It is very rare that any conventional medical treatment or therapy has cured the disease thoroughly, but is generally aimed at dropping the symptoms arose and the abnormalities present. As a sole treatment procedure Magnetic field therapy is not generally the best treatment, and is generally deployed complimentary to some other treatment method.

Due to space constraint it is not possible to list all biologic effects of Magnetic fields here. Most of these vary with the frequency &/or intensity of the applied magnetic field. Many of these are specific only to the pulsed type MF, certain common to both static & pulsed and only a few apply to static very rarely. As per the relevance of these effects to clinical requirements the significant ones have been enlisted as follows:

  • fibrinolysis
  • enzyme reaction acceleration
  • reduction of edema
  • osteogenesis
  • decrease in the platelet adhesion
  • acceleration of enzyme reactions
  • vasodilation
  • stress reduction
  • receptor binding
  • calcium ion boost & movement
  • variations in the liver functioning
  • enhancement of calmodulin transport
  • working of brain
  • alterations in hormones
  • accelerated rate of bone healing
  • electrolyte changes
  • variations in learning
  • changes in scar
  • improvement of metabolism
  • water modification
  • autonomic nervous system actions
  • oxygenation enrichment
  • better-quality cellular energy
  • reduction of inflammations
  • improvement in sleep
  • betterment of medication metabolism
  • accelerated wound healing
  • infertility improvement
  • stimulation of nitric oxide production
  • enhancement in Na-K exchange
  • improvement in membrane functioning
  • improved immunity
  • muscle relaxation
  • reduced nerve cell firing
  • modifications in amino acid

Most of the benefits and changes listed here are a result of just basic action mechanisms: ion movements (especially electrolytes Na & K and Ca) & charge simulations in tissues. Ca ions occur in each tissue and cell & are responsible for cellular respiration, conduction in nerves, hematologic & muscle functions, immunity, healing of wounds & vascular health, along with others. Most of the MF effects stated above are due to Ca ion alone. This explains the mere reasons for too many implications of magnetic field in the body. Hence, where most of the conventional therapies fail, this particular type of treatment therapy can easily help us out to heal plenty of health problems at once.


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