EMF Effects on Water

Water present inside a human body is a mixture of water with fats, starch, proteins and electrolytes.

Water present inside a human body is a mixture of water with fats, starch, proteins and electrolytes. Magnetic fields have the ability to change the properties of any solution hence have an effect on the body’s water as well as the water we drink.

Water has the property to retain changes made to due to interaction with magnetic fields, it is an established fact that water has long term memory. Clusters, with a size range in millimeters have been observed in water and it has been discovered that PEMFs affect such clusters. However the mechanism through which this occurs is not clearly understood.

Magnetic fields are used to prevent the deposition of scale in storage tanks, pipes and heat exchangers. Magnetic and electric fields affect the growth rate of inorganic crystals as well as the sedimentation rate of suspensions. They can cause the precipitation of salts like calcium carbonate, barium oxalate and calcium sulphate from their solutions. Such EMF effects last up to several days in the fluid even after the field is removed. They can influence the diffusion of colloidal particles, change the surface and interfacial free energy in calcium salts and distort the IR and ultraviolet spectrum of water.

There are several reported effects of Magnetic fields on fluids, for instance a patent for the treatment of fuel with magnetic fields to enhance fuel consumption in motors was issued. Other research is being conducted on the possibility of enhancing the yield from agriculture by using water that is magnetically pretreated for watering plants and for feeding livestock. Some other effects a magnetic field can have are, influencing mice hormone cycles, affect paramecium, affect cell density and nuclear diameter in the cells of a catfish’s liver etc.

Some effects of magnetically treated water than have been demonstrated include,

  • Reduced plaque buildup in dentistry if the water used in dental irrigation is magnetically treated.
  • A Chinese study proved that, in children suffering from roundworms, magnetically treated water caused the worms to be expelled at a rate greater than the control samples.
  • In Japan, water derived from special lava flows is naturally magnetized and has shown efficacy in improving memory problems in Alzheimer’s
  • Magnetically treated water, it has been shown to reduces kidney stones.

Electromagnetic fields can be used to treat the water we consume along with water inside our body. The potential healthcare applications of this method are still under investigation.


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