Geo Magnetic Fields

The cells are subjected to very complex systems of magnetic fields since the embryo stage. We are quite dependent on the geomagnetic fields in a number of ways.
Geo Magnetic Fields

The human body has never ever lived in an environment which has been totally clear of the magnetic fields. Since the development of an embryo till the last minute on the earth, any living being is continually exposed to the magnetic fields. The natural magnetic fields of the earth have a very important role to play in sustaining the activities on the earth. The only people who have lived in a zone devoid of the earth’s magnetic fields are the astronauts who have undertaken mission outside the earth.

Dependency on Geo Magnetic Fields –

The cells are subjected to very complex systems of magnetic fields since the embryo stage. We are quite dependent on the geomagnetic fields in a number of ways. The natural magnetic fields of the earth encompasses


  • The overall DC Field: It is known that the molten metal mass within the earth’s crust contributes to the earth’s magnetic fields. The overall DC field exists with the fields emanating from both the poles.
  • Rock Structures: There are continuous changes in the strength of the magnetic fields emanated from the earth when we walk on the surface of the earth.
  • Schumann Resonances: These are caused due to lightning storms. They are very complex and the frequency levels vary from 1Hz to about 50Hz.


The solar flares, magnetic storms & the coronal discharges make their way through the Polar Regions into our environment. The tectonic plate movements and the movement of the molten magma inside the earth cause changes in the earth’s natural magnetic fields. These disturbances can be sensed by the animals before natural calamities are about to hit the areas. The currents on the surface of the earth called the telluric current also contribute to the earth’s magnetic field. The cosmic radiations and the man made EMFs also contribute to the humans being exposed to the magnetic fields every single day.

The magnetic fields of the earth are not constant. Electric currents within the human body whenever there is slight motion. Exercises such as bending or rotations results in induction of up to 4 microamperes of current within the human body per square meter. While travelling at a speed of about a 100km/hour, current up to 15 milliamperes per square meter gets induced within the body. There is a variation in the current from 0Hz to 10Hz. Induced currents play a vital role in the functioning of the human body. It is evident from the piece of information that people who move less tend to lose muscle mass, vigor and function.

Astronauts and space researchers have demonstrated that being in space results in much more complications in the human body and this cannot be attributed to the absence of gravity alone. The research outcomes where the effects of the natural magnetic fields when suppressed have proven that major changes can occur in the absence of the fields we have grown up with. Studies have even demonstrated that the pole reversal may also cause a significant effect on the normal functioning of the life supporting activities on the earth.

Few paleomagnetists have written in their research publishing that the earth magnetic fields will decay in 1,300 years from now. This statement has been made only after evaluating magnetic field measurements date taken from the year 1850. But the research also sheds light on the fact that the earth’s magnetic field has grown stronger in the 50,000 years. But the reversal can happen any moment from a thousand years from now as per the research reports. The situation, however, may not be avoidable. The occurrence of these events is unknown and is pretty difficult to make such predictions. The changes will certainly have a tremendous impact on life until the beings start getting accustomed to these changes. The polarity reversal tests in animals have recorded mild disruptions. However, the overall discomfort fades with prolonged hours of exposure.

Earth’s Basic DC Field –

Like any bar magnet, the orientation of earth’s magnetic field is leaning longitudinally from north to south. In the equatorial region, the earth’s magnetic field is the weakest. The fields are stronger in the Polar Regions. The production of the earth’s magnetic field is still under conjecture.

One of the significant uses of the geomagnetic fields is for navigation. Both human beings and animals use the magnetic field lines for purposes of navigation. It has been shown in research that human beings possess a magnetic sense. This helps in finding directions in the dark. It is proved that there are iron crystals in the animal and human brain, which can sense the geomagnetic fields.

The therapy, which involves the use of static magnets are highly influenced by the Earth’s DC field. The magnetic fields below the strength of 0.5 Gauss can penetrate the body effectively. Any field strength below this level may not have any effect on the body during the treatments. The strength of a magnetic field decreases with distance from its surface. Once the level falls below the optimal value, the fields will have no effect during the treatments.

Schumann Resonances –

The ionosphere of the earth is a very complicated system. There exists a polar aura all the time and they are constantly monitored by the magnetometers. It is not possible to determine the amount of exposure to the geomagnetic fields by the human body. There is constant interference of the geomagnetic fields, ionosphere currents and aligned currents all the time. It is highly impossible to eliminate exposure to all these magnetic fields. It has not been yet revealed the impact of the Schumann Resonances on the human body. The Schumann frequencies have been found to resonate on the same frequency levels that the human brain does. When coupling happens, the body energies powerfully affect the brain functioning. This can be attributed to the elevated sensitivity experienced during storms.


When we enter the zone of certain magnetic rocks which are present within the earth’s crust, then once can experience added stimulation within their bodies. The smaller fragments of the natural magnetic rocks are called lodestones. A movement through the zones where there is an influence of the magnetic fields by such fragments can cause time varied field stimulation.


The solar energy is as well, exposing us to the time varying magnetic fields.


Apart from the cosmic fields and the natural magnetic field, the living beings on earth are also exposed to radiations emanating from man-made devices. Few primary man made sources of radiations include televisions, cell phones, microwave ovens, photocopiers, computers, television sets and so on. TMFs are even produced from the radial tires of the cars.

An individual can even get exposed to radiations at the workplace which can be much more intense than those in the natural environmental setting. The effects these radiations have on the health are severe ad much more intense. People residing in the cities are exposed to much EMFs. This activity of EMFs is referred to as the electro smog by the European researchers. A research has initiated to develop ways in shielding us from these harmful radiations.

USA has few EMF free zones. The Shenandoah Valley is one such place in the United States of America. This is because the radio telescope there doesn’t require seeing into space without the interference of the EMFs.


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