Better Health With the Aid of PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapy

Everyone aspires to have a better health. Physical and mental well being is what is provided by better health conditions.

Every single person on this earth aspires to have a better health. This in turn implies living longer without any health sufferings. Having better health requires one to work towards achieving it. Physical and mental well being is what is provided by better health conditions. The same task can be done by Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields [PEMFs]. They help us in maintaining physical and mental conditions in tune. This promises better functioning of the body, even at the cellular level. Daily activities undertaken for better health can help the body combat with any disease at the onset itself.

There are 30 trillion cells within the human body. These cells have a specific life and get replaced on a periodic basis. Few cells get replaced on a weekly basis and some annually. There are even a few cells within our bodies which gets replaced once in seven years. It is vital for a better functioning of the body that the cells get replaced periodically. It is very important for the old cells to die and for the new cells to be born. This cycle of life and death must continue to lead a healthy life. PEMFs can be extremely helpful when it comes to maintaining this cycle.

Preventative Care

It is very essential to treat the body ailments as and when they arise to keep the body functioning properly. Problems should not be neglected as the stress accumulation takes place over time. This unbalances the body and gives rise to new problems, thus degrading health even further. Every chronic health condition involves the local tissue damage. The degree up to which the tissues have a role to play in the illness depends on four levels: Energetic level, Physiological level, Pathophysiological level & pathological level.

An analogy is used to describe the condition. The case of the common cold is considered. With the onset of common cold, people slightly sense an uneasiness without even being able to sense the actual cause. This level is the energetic level. When a sore throat occurs, slight temperature rise can be noted or a runny nose is associated with the condition. This refers to the physiologic level. If any action is not taken at this stage, then the infection progresses in the body and may cause bronchitis, rhinitis or pneumonia. This stage is referred to as pathophysiologic level. It is at this stage that the chronic illness sets in. It is during the pathologic stage that the most significant damage to the organs of the body occurs.

Treatments must be taken at the energetic level as the responses to medications are spontaneous during that stage. PEMF therapy taken daily can help the body to heal itself during the preliminary stages of the chronic illnesses.


The biggest block in achieving better health conditions is stress. It is not possible to completely avoid it. We react to stress either in an adaptive manner or in a maladaptive manner. When the temperature levels of the body increases, then the body sweats. This is considered to be an example of adaptive manner to stress. However, stress gets accumulated in the body if not taken in a healthy manner. If the sweating action persists and nothing is done to replace the fluid loss from the body then this may lead to dehydration. This is certainly not a sign of adaptive stress.

The body responds to stress in a number of ways. Whenever the body is subjected to stress, the body produces a flight response or a fight response. It is this response which signals the brain to release chemicals to stimulate the nervous system. The doses of adrenaline are released into the blood stream. Along with adrenaline, extra sugar as well as fat is also released to fuel the muscles. Some organs, even slow down their activities while others get accelerated. This includes the increase in the breathing process, tightness in the chest and the queasiness in the stomach. These are the common reactions to stress.

The occurrence of stress causing agents even the milder ones do not promote recovery of the body in any form and even gives birth to a lot of illnesses. Stress causing agents decline the overall health of an individual by affecting the normal functioning of organs. Stress can even accelerate the process of aging and even the problems of arthritis, fatigue, heart diseases, anxiety, depression and many other problems in the body. Muscular tensions caused due to stress can even reduce the supply of blood to the tissues. If stress is not dealt with properly, then it may result in chronic fatigue syndrome in the body. Stress is solely responsible for many of the problems treated by the doctors today.

Research studies have demonstrated that using PEMFs daily can slow down the stress effects by causing interactions at the cellular levels. They even act on specific organs and tissues. PEMFs reduce the ability of the body to resist stress loads. The excitability of the nervous system reduces significantly with the use of PEMFs. When PEMFs are used for longer durations, then the body slowly remodels the hyperactive tissues and makes them less responsive to stress over the time.

The white blood cells count within the body reduces when it is subjected to continuous stress. This state also causes lack of sleep. PEMFs help in enhancing the immunity levels during these conditions. Stress acts on the body almost instantly, but the healing process takes years to show responses. It is a well known fact that the stress effects are cumulative in nature. Neutralizing these effects on a day to day basis can help ward off chronic illnesses at bay.


Stress enhances the aging process in the body and thus affects the overall health conditions. Aging is a natural process, but the process getting catalyzed by stress is not at all a sign of a balanced healthy body. The use of pharmaceuticals, lack of proper diet and exercise and the toxins from the environment can significantly enhance the aging process in the body. This can multiply the chances of the body condition getting disrupted.

Aging is associated with a lot of concerns. This includes the health challenges which a person will have to face eventually. Aging is not just related to dealing with heart diseases and dip in immunity levels. It also involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle. People certainly wish to live longer and lead a healthy life instead of struggling with the problems of aging. Many health problems are associated with aging. This includes a decrease in energy levels, dip in immunity levels, failing eyesight, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and so on.

Using PEMFs daily can have countless effects on the body in a positive manner. The body’s natural electric system has to remain intact with aging. If it is not, then a number of problems associated with cell communication and metabolism can show up. Magnetic field therapy ensures that the natural activities of the system remain intact by healing them eventually. PEMFs are also known to aid the production of Adenosine Triphosphate [ATP] in the body. This increases the antioxidant levels and develops the defense mechanism of the body.

Magnetic field therapies are also known to repair the neuron transmitters, the communication system of the body and the functioning of the brain. The circulation levels and the oxygen levels in the body are also found to increase with the magnetic field therapy. PEMFs even help in balancing the blood sugar levels, blood pressure and the cholesterol levels in the body. The treatment is even helpful in conditions like arthritis where the pain can significantly be reduced with the use of PEMFs. As the repair takes place at the cellular level, the immune system of the body is also strengthened.


Subjecting the body to magnetic fields every day helps the body to even protect itself from electrosmog. Electrosmog refers to the harmful radiations emitted by the electronic devices like the cell phones, hair dryers, television sets, microwaves and many more. These radiations have tremendous impact on the body and also result in accumulation of stress. It is highly impossible to cut ourselves off from these radiations as they are present everywhere. We are living in a zone of radiations.

As it is not possible to limit ourselves from these radiations, we need to subject ourselves to frequencies which can nullify the effects of the harmful radiations of varying frequencies. This is turn creates a balance in the body and protects it from any further harm. PEMFs stimulate the body and even make the body resistant to the harmful effects of electrosmog.

Maintaining health with the use of magnetic fields is pretty simple. This activity if adopted daily can help the body in repairing the regular wear and tear on the very same day itself and thus avoids any chronic illness from setting in.

Magnetic fields also help in reducing the muscle tension, improving the circulation, stimulating the immune system, improving cell function, detoxifies the body, enhances the uptake of nutrients. They also help in improving sleep, reduce stress, balance the endocrine system, reduce inflammation and regenerate tissues.


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