Less Pain – The Effect Of Magnetic Fields (PEMF) On Pain

Experiencing pain can disrupt our lives to a greater extent. However, it also has the potential to save life as well.

As human beings, every single person on this earth would have experienced what pain is. Experiencing pain can disrupt our lives to a greater extent. However, it also has the potential to save life as well.

When we experience pain, it is a signal from the nervous system that, something is not functioning the way it should be, in our body. However, the pain we bear when the appendix is ruptured is a good pain. Though nobody wishes to experience pain in any form, this pain is for the good.

Suffering from chronic pain is all together a different case. The prime step to be taken is to identify the source of the pain. This signifies that any probable health condition is bound to happen, if neglected. This chronic pain can be treated instead of leaving it as it is. Treating the pain can bring a huge relief to the body.

The tiny never fibers present within our skin, blood vessels and muscles transmit pain. Even the nerve cells carry out this task of signaling. An irritated nerve cell gets excited by even the smallest amount of the stimulus received by it. They significantly start transmitting signals which are nothing but the pain signals. The nervous system in our body is made up of millions of nerve cells. These nerve cells react to a wide range of sensations. They can sense everything from an itch to a burning pain. Over these sensations only numbness prevails.

Many research studies have demonstrated that magnetic fields have the potential to reduce the sensations sensed by the nerve cells and eventually ward off pain. The damaged nerve cells can repair itself when in influence of magnetic fields.

Magnetic fields can reduce pain equivalent to 10 milligrams of morphine. They even have the potential to target pain in specific areas. Whether it is at a local level or any organ of the body or the entire body, magnetic fields can significantly reduce the pain levels in the body. Use of magnetic fields for treating pain can effectively reduce the level of medications.

Magnetic fields just don’t come in contact with the damaged cells and heal the pain. They even reduce the swelling associated with the pain. Swelling needs to be treated or else it can cause the natural chemicals accumulate near the damaged cells and can increase the levels of acidity in the area. Magnetic fields also improve the circulation in the area and help in flushing out the excess chemical mediators from the area to be treated. Poor blood flow can also cause pain in the body. Magnetic fields can treat this condition too, by enhancing the circulation of blood.

Magnetic fields are also known to stimulate the acupuncture meridians and are even more beneficial than the therapy itself. They can stimulate the endomorphins & bring about hormonal changes in the body. Magnetic fields cause a lot of activities occur simultaneously at the cellular levels within the body. However, even the body decides the activity that needs to take place immediately and ignores the rest. The body decides what needs to happen within the body and what not during the healing process.

The magnetic fields offer several benefits to the body during the treatment process. They reduce the muscle tension, stimulate the immune system, improve circulation, improve the cell function, detoxify the body, improve sleep, enhance the rate of nutrient uptake, balance the endocrine systems, balance acupuncture meridians, reduce stress, reduce inflammation and also regenerate tissues within the body.


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